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Difference between Cyprus and UK?

Not enough! See tables below: Britain’s total debt as a percentage pf GDP is actually 5% higher than Cyprus, our annual budget deficits are the same as a percentage of GDP, and the UK banking sector is only 4 or … Continue reading

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Broken democracy in Westminster

We are trying to run a modern country with an old and out-dated democratic system. The principle of local representatives being sent to Westminster may have been appropriate in 1850 but it is outrageously ineffective today. MPs come mainly from … Continue reading

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What is the proper rate for income tax?

Ask yourself, what is the reason why the income tax rate is at 22% or 40% or whatever it is currently at? The answer to that question today, is that income tax is set at a rate by politicians which … Continue reading

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Tax allowances disenfranchise us

If we are all going to own our WellFair state, we all need to pay for it. If you’re earning £6,000 a year and geting free healthcare, housing, local transport and Internet access (amongst other WellFair services), then paying … Continue reading

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Black & White

We have three crises today: an economic crisis, a social crisis and a climate crisis. In the UK the economic crisis is that we are borrowing £2 an hour, for every hour worked by every man and woman in employment. … Continue reading

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