Difference between Cyprus and UK?

Not enough!See tables below:Britain's total debt as a percentage pf GDP is actually 5% higher than Cyprus,our annual budget deficits are the same as a percentage of GDP, andthe UK banking sector is only 4 or 5 times the size of our economy, compared to Cyprus' 7 times.The whole of the EU doesn't look terribly... Continue Reading →

Broken democracy in Westminster

We are trying to run a modern country with an old and out-dated democratic system.The principle of local representatives being sent to Westminster may have been appropriate in 1850 but it is outrageously ineffective today. MPs come mainly from party lists, they do a marginal job of representing their local constituents in national parliament, and... Continue Reading →

Black & White

We have three crises today: an economic crisis, a social crisis and a climate crisis.In the UK the economic crisis is that we are borrowing £2 an hour, for every hour worked by every man and woman in employment. That's new borrowing every hour worked by every person in the country - and that is... Continue Reading →

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