Proper Privatisation

The proper role of private enterprise in the delivery of public services is to improve the services. Private enterprise is dependent on the existence of competition, risk and reward to function properly. No public service should be controlled and managed by private enterprise unless¬†competition, risk and reward are present. All private enterprise involvement in public... Continue Reading →

Queen’s Speech – Alt LIFE, 2013

My lords and members of the House of Commons.My government's legislative programme will focus on building a stronger nation so that the people of the United Kingdom can be assured of a full and rewarding life now and into the future. It will work to promote a fairer society that rewards everyone for their contribution to... Continue Reading →

Stress test your assumptions!

If you're wondering what the fuss is about, or why a few tweaks here and there won't solve our problems - then this page is for you.Test your assumptions about what's possible, and what changes are coming. We "stress test" our banks to try and see if they can survive the next financial meltdown, why... Continue Reading →

The emperors have no clothes!

Why start the LIFE party? Does the UK need a new political party? YES! ¬†We all know about the problems we face, and their magnitude: we are living beyond our means, barely getting by as it is, and facing waves of change in the coming decade that will challenge every human society on Earth. To... Continue Reading →

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