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It is evident

It is evident that the UK is in a difficult situation. Much of what we consider to be our “way of life” is hanging in the balance, which is why our politicians seem so uncommonly aligned to a very similar … Continue reading

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The generation with the jobs, the ‘final salary’ pensions, the mutual fund accounts, the second homes and the cheap driver’s insurance. The free bus pass, the winter heating allowance and the holiday in the sun. The reason why music and … Continue reading

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Math problems for the status quo

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) released a report today on the state of the world economy and national budgets. It makes for pretty dire reading – especially if you think we are already suffering under unbearable austerity. Bottom line: … Continue reading

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Change, how?

If you believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with the track we are on, and to continue down the current path will ultimately to disaster, then the question you have to face is what needs to change? So the … Continue reading

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