Understanding Affordable Social Democracy

The great challenge of the 21st century: How do we organise a society that is both sustainable and affordable? To understand the origin of this problem, pleaseĀ read thisĀ first. Looking for a 1 page summary? Download Affordable Social Democracy. The chart below presents the factors contributing to the challenge, see below for detailed explanations. What this... Continue Reading →

Perfectly understandable

We don't pay for everything today, we can't pay for everything today, and it was never true that we would be able to pay for everything. We were slightly distracted on our journey from pre-revolution to post-revolution into thinking that our reality was defined by the 3 revolutions (industrial, technological and information). We are still... Continue Reading →

Living Wage Commission Submission

Dear Commission, We would like to thank the Archbishop and the other members of the commission for establishing this important and urgent enquiry into the structure and the future of our societies. Please find attached the submission to your commission from the LIFE Party. In the submission we establish that the direction accomplishment of our... Continue Reading →

State of British Public Debt

Since the end of 2008 the total size of the British government borrowing has more than doubled from 617 billion to 1.39 trillion. And that excludes the money we have lent ourselves through the Bank of England, if you count that the total size of the debt has nearly tripled to 1.78 trillion. At the... Continue Reading →

Internet Search Acknowledgement

Proposed Opt In for Porn & Violence Searches: PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING Your brain has a reward system that does not know the difference between behaviour that is helpful and actions which are destructive to your well being and the general well being of the people whom you live with and around.When you see and read about... Continue Reading →

Youth don’t care?

You hear it all the time: "Young people aren't interested. They don't care. Young people today are lazy and apathetic."Well... I'd be completely disinterested in politics too if I thought the only options available to me were 3 look-alike old parties, some crusty hippies, and bunch of looney-lefties. Who wouldn't be? The current political landscape... Continue Reading →


If we provide each other with the basic necessities of LIFE, free of charge and without means testing, we will remake our economy and come into balance with our environment.


You know something's wrong, that we have not sorted out a decent way to live together, yet. And you know that there is a better way, that we are not this stupid and blind, that we can do a better job of living together in peace with prosperity. Well, you're right... here is why and... Continue Reading →

Drug Criminalisation: All Cons

Has the "drug war" been a success and should we continue it? You decide...The pernicious, hidden effects of drug criminalisation:erodes the privacy boundary, thence respect for public space criminalises pursuit of fun and millions of otherwise law abiding citizens, eroding respect for the lawexcuses the creation of a police state, wire tapping (87% of 2012 wire... Continue Reading →

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