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Malaise afoot

There is malaise foot, people sense it, and without sensible alternatives they will increasingly gravitate to the simplest and most self-protective options that are available. This political malaise has a short horizon, even if any one of a dozen potential … Continue reading

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A devastating critique

Nearly every facet of modern western civilisation is based on a simple premise: that the individual makes better decisions than a group. What if that is untrue? The entire neoliberal construct (limited government, free enterprise, and personal freedom) is predicated … Continue reading

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Service, not material, is the basis of human groups

Human society, as it is currently configured, is unaffordable. Why? Because service, not material, is the true basis of human groups. Membership of a group┬ácosts every individual member of the group a little something, an intangible, and not the same … Continue reading

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