Prison Reform

It is a fundamental belief of LIFE that only those who present a danger to our society need be imprisoned. Furthermore it is incumbent on our society to put as much effort into resettlement of ex-prisoners as we do into imprisonment, and that means seeing prisons as reforming institutions whose primary purpose is to release contributory citizens back into our society.

Sentencing designed to provide restitution to victims, and society at large, should be focussed on services to the victims and the community.

LIFE will promote the improvement of our justice, sentencing and prison system through: 

  • Reducing unnecessary imprisonment and promoting community solutions to crime
  • Improving treatment and conditions for prisoners and their families
  • Improving resettlement policy and practice
  • Promoting equality and human rights in the justice system

Prisoners will be given the right to vote in the Democracy & Freedom Bill 2015.

A crime is an action that infringes on the freedom of another person. A punishment is retribution by the hurt and ignorant on the damaged and blind. Based on the principle of respecting the humanity of every person, we are limited in our right to take more than someone else’s freedom from them. Restitution and the protection of the innocent are the limits of our remedies in a free society.

7 replies on “Prison Reform”

Danny Kruger, Cameron’s former speechwriter:He said the Ministry of Justice reforms, in particular its reliance on private firms such as G4S, will offer the complete opposite of Cameron’s vision of the big society. “We will end up with a cartel of commercial firms operating our justice system if we are not careful, a sad outcome of the big society agenda.”I’m all for denationalising great state apparatuses, but not by turning them over to three or four huge commercial players.


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