UK LIFE – The Movement for Proper Change

Convert social security into services, making local communities responsible for delivery, paid for from national income taxes dedicated to this purpose.

LIFE is a new political movement. We, like you, understand that a future worth living is going to require structural change.


If you don’t want to live in a corporate-controlled, debt-fuelled, fossil-burning workhouse, you will need to make a different choice. It’s time for change, proper change. We can’t wait till 2020 or 2030, we need to start changing now. Love LIFE, Vote!

Join us! Get involved now, keep in touch by following this site, or follow us on Facebook or twitter. If you’re interested in change: consider standing for election in your local constituency.

If you’ve got 30 secs, please help build the case for change by completing our anonymous WellFair Value Survey (click here).

Our goal is sustainability: financial, social, and environmental sustainability. We have a comprehensive platform for structural change that delivers us to a sustainable future, peacefully.

  • Local first, because people matter.
  • Safety for all, because we all matter.
  • Independent business, because success matters.
  • Vibrant democracy, is the only way to fly.
  • Sustainability everywhere.

LIFE stands for a modern, secular society. We embrace digital identity as much as social safety, the enterprise spirit as much as the community, and we believe that the way to the future must be through a much more vigorous democracy. We believe in a joyful society of free individuals, held together by life sustaining services, in a multi-layered and flourishing democratic structure.

  • Discover LIFE - In the never ending quest to make the principles and ideas behind LIFE accessible to a wider audience we have produced an new iBook called “Discover LIFE”. Understanding who we are requires that we can reach beyond our personal perception of the world to see ourselves as a species. Who are humans? How did we... Continue Reading →
  • Floundering on the Rocks of Policy - Any solution set that is not almost single-mindedly focussed on the provision of social safety and the encouragement of variety and specialisation is not worthy of the challenges before us.
  • The Heart needs its Soul - Broad specialisation held together in large cohesive groups, the mind and the heart, the right and the left, these are the soul of our species.
  • Promises - Hominoids only emerged from the Savannah to cover the world after they adopted promises as the basis of their societies. In a material world, where money is used as a replacement, is rediscovering the importance of promises a leap too far for most of us? There is something that humans before the “economic era” knew... Continue Reading →
  • First new economic model in 100 years - The recognition that social safety is a parallel requirement for economic success, and the revelation that unconditional safety is both the natural expression of solidarity and the key to liberating economic performance, has unveiled a new economic model for human society that will transform the 21st Century into a new age of enlightened prosperity.
  • Conditional Cash Corrupts Us All - Why cash has (almost) no place in a social security system. Unconditional love is the ultimate expression of our humanity for a reason, because it is the basis of our successful evolution. The purpose of social security is to provide unconditional support as the expression of solidarity, thereby maximising the output and the quality of our... Continue Reading →
  • Why WellFair Works Fair - The welfare debate has become confused and poisonous. We are firmly in the territory of “deserving” versus “undeserving” poor, when the real issue is affordability. As all advanced societies start to grapple with the challenge of how to run a peaceful, modern society within the confines of a low growth economy and within a sustainable... Continue Reading →
  • Intro - If we provide each other with the basic necessities of LIFE, free of charge and without means testing, we will remake our economy and come into balance with our environment.

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