Rolling commentary

  • Can we afford for Britain not to lead? - Britain, partly on account of its preeminent financial center in the City, may be the only advanced country positioned to move to a new socio-economic model. Any country proposing to make an even moderately radical break from the status quo will face deep scepticism from the establishment, and the establishment today is embodied in the […]
  • Free Social Care - LIFE will integrate social care services and the NHS to provide a nationwide service that ensures that everyone will have access to basic care services at all stages of their life. Care homes will still be run and funded locally, but the budget will be allocated from national income taxes.
  • Guaranteed Universal Basic Services - LIFE will guarantee that every citizen and resident in the UK has free access to basic public services, including old age care. Universal Basic Services (WellFair) include the NHS, education, transport, housing, food, communications, as well as public safety, legal aid, and our democracy. This includes a plan to build 1,000,000 new social housing units […]
  • New local governments get direct control of budgets & migration - LIFE will ensure that any constituency, local area, or region that organises itself to for a new local government will receive direct control of their allocated budgets for WellFair, and the right to set their own migration levels.  
  • Income Taxes only used for NHS & universal basic services - LIFE will ensure that all money raised from Income Taxes, National Insurance, Inheritance Tax, and other personal taxes are only spent on public services. Public services include the NHS, education, transport, housing, food, communications, as well as public safety, legal aid, and our democracy. To provide the additional revenues to cover the cost of the […]
  • The Tory’s Awful Honeymoon - As our social fabric wears out we are still waiting to see the full effects.
  • Discover LIFE - In the never ending quest to make the principles and ideas behind LIFE accessible to a wider audience we have produced an new iBook called “Discover LIFE”. Understanding who we are requires that we can reach beyond our personal perception of the world to see ourselves as a species. Who are humans? How did we […]
  • Helicopter money !? - Martin Wolf provides the most succinct description yet of the current economic malaise: Helicopter drops might not be far away. As described, the situation is the result of a two decade march to remove safety from our societies, asking individuals to take on the burden of their individual safety (an oxymoron) instead – this is […]
  • Citizen Income: a dead end - The analysis that we need to increase social safety is correct. The conclusion that the way to do that is by distributing cash is erroneous.
  • A-B-C - Must we engage in interminable meetings, until unattributable solutions arise from the coalescence? Nature says NO.


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