LIFE Solutions

LIFE_Solutions_Words_vr_0LIFE has practical policy solutions for a balanced economy, affordable social services and investing in our future.

We need a practical economy that delivers the results our society needs. A working economy that serves our society must be the first step on the path to a sustainability and a life worth living.

LIFE’s policies will improve the standard of life for all of us, stimulate a more diverse and resilient economy, balance our books faster, and immediately reduce our environmental impact. We will replace benefits and tax credits with universal services (WellFair), and balance the budget with taxes that are Paid Fair. These are centre pieces of the LIFE solution.

WellFair brings full employment

The move to WellFair services, instead of welfare benefits, guarantee a basic standard of life (equivalent to a ‘living wage’) for all, and allows every person to freely choose their work and their pay. Every job becomes worth doing, there is never a situation where work does not pay, and there is never work that is under-paid.

WellFair creates growth

Circles-of-LIFEBecause every person can be active in the economy, the size of the economy grows with every person’s contribution. There is no threshold to work, no ‘poverty trap’ or ‘benefit trap’, and there is so much work to be done rebuilding our society with services and infrastructure.

This is sustainable growth based on contribution and investment, not on consumption and debt.

LIFE believes in the ability of people to find many of the solutions they need in their community, and we will support them by giving them local control and a direct distribution of Income Taxes.

Local services

Effective and efficient social services are delivered locally. This is especially true and important as our population ages.

LIFE policies push money and power down to local communities so that services can be delivered effectively to the right people in the right measure. Our budget pushes more than half of all public spending down to local communities. Nationwide standards for services ensure that everyone gets support.

Paid Fair

LIFE’s tax system is simple and ensures that income taxes are only used to pay for WellFair services, and money is not borrowed to fund our basic social services.

Innovation, trade & manufacture

The UK has been a leading innovator, trader and manufacturer for 100s of years. A commitment to apprentiships, training, and more flexible labour markets will ensure that these advantages are maximised, and that the UK remains a world leader in all three areas.

By balancing our economy, unleashing the potential of our micro-economy and levelling the playing field to protect social and environmental standards worldwide, LIFE will bring sustainable growth to British industry. The renaissance of British industry will rebalance the country, the economy, and our trade with the rest of the world.

Infrastructure for the future

By balancing the budget and liberating the full potential of labour, LIFE makes the investment the UK needs, to transition peacefully from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable energy, affordably. We will be able to make the investments in, and focus any borrowing on, the development of a 21st century infrastructure with high speed Internet, renewable power sources and a national smart grid connected to community microgrids.

Efficient transport and housing

WellFair services naturally prioritise efficient transport and housing solutions, because mass transit and social housing can be designed to be much more efficient that individual private solutions. By leading the way with public investment for public services we can establish the interconnected public transit systems we need, and replace or upgrade our ageing housing stock with living units fit for a life well lived.

No Other Party

None of the other political parties has proper solutions to the problems we face.

Your choice is whether you are willing to engage with the proper changes needed to create a real future for ourselves and our successors.

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