1. LIFE believes in the ability of people to find the solutions they need in their community, and we will support them by giving them local control and a direct distribution of Income Taxes.
  2. LIFE believes that society is based on a citizen contract, a promise between citizens to provide a basic standard of life to everyone.
  3. LIFE believes that a resilient society is a sustainable society, and that the future is to de-centralise government and empower communities to build their own capacity and self-reliance.
  4. LIFE believes that we cannot have a future worth living if we do not respect the freedom of the individual, and understand the incredibly important value of diversity, specialists of all kinds and all the contributions of every citizen.
  5. LIFE believes that our future must be built on the best parts of the industrial, technological and information revolutions, and we will seek to leverage science, engineering and technology to create a better world that generates less waste and more joy.




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