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Guaranteed Universal Basic Services

LIFE will guarantee that every citizen and resident in the UK has free access to basic public services, including old age care.

Universal Basic Services (WellFair) include the NHS, education, transport, housing, food, communications, as well as public safety, legal aid, and our democracy.

This includes a plan to build 1,000,000 new social housing units within 7 years, and free basic phone and Internet for everyone.

All funding will be from Income Taxes.


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Making Progressive Politics Work

In an excellent collection of essays the Policy Network has collected together for their “Making Progressive Politics Work” publication, we found the following comments by various authors in support for the fundamental principles that LIFE’s policies are based on.

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Drug Criminalisation: All Cons

Has the “drug war” been a success and should we continue it? You decide…

The pernicious, hidden effects of drug criminalisation:

  • erodes the privacy boundary, thence respect for public space 
  • criminalises pursuit of fun and millions of otherwise law abiding citizens, eroding respect for the law
  • excuses the creation of a police state, wire tapping (87% of 2012 wire taps in USA) and racial profiling
  • criminalises poverty and misery
  • feeds the industrial prison business 
  • promotes moralism as if it were a virtue
  • draws arbitrary distinctions between substances that harms the reputation of the law


The obvious effects:

  • increases criminal opportunity for theft, violence and smuggling 
  • sends money to criminal gangs, enabling other more serious crimes
  • reduces access to rehabilitation and education
  • increases corruption
  • destabilises producing countries
  • lost government revenues 
  • increases danger due to lack of quality controls
  • enables the introduction of untested, dangerous new substances


And that’s before even mentioning:

  • wastes police and prison resources
  • crowds the judicial system with non-violent, otherwise civil citizens
  • no correlation between amount of resources spent on the ‘drug war’ and the rate of drug use


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Tax allowances disenfranchise us

If we are all going to own our WellFair state, we all need to pay for it.

If you’re earning £6,000 a year and geting free healthcare, housing, local transport and Internet access (amongst other WellFair services), then paying £2,000 in taxes makes you an owner, a citizen, a contributor and an equal.

Don’t sell your hard-earned right to be an equal citizen in this society for a few measley quid!