The 12 Steps of LIFE

To become a LIFE member, take the 12 steps below and sign up on this website for your membership account.

  • I have come to realise that the current political system leaves me powerless over my fate, and is ruining my society and my world.
  • I understand that there is a way of organising my society that will empower me to create a better world.
  • I want a new system of government, and I am prepared to take action to get it.
  • I have made a thorough and searching inventory of what is wrong and what has led us to this point.
  • I admit that my passivity is a contributing factor to the continuation of the current system.
  • I am ready to stop participating in the continuation of the status quo.
  • I have resolved to change what can be changed, to accept what must be accepted, and to understand the difference.
  • I will make amends for what wrongs we have committed to date, to the extent that it does not impede our forward progress, and primarily by instituting changes that seek to prevent the recurrence of those wrongs.
  • I will remain vigilant for the re-emergence of our past mistakes, and I will correct my direction as soon as I see a diversion from our standards.
  • I will think about our common good, remain alert to the concerns of others, and seek every opportunity to be an informed citizen.
  • I am committed to being a contributing citizen to all of the societies that I am a member of.
  • I will do what I can to help other individuals and societies that are disempowered by their political systems.

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