Start here to find out about getting involved and helping to be part of the proper change.


LIFE membership is always free, you just have to take the 12 Steps to LIFE.
Join our Facebook page and sign up for updates on this web site. We will keep you informed of developments and news.
On Twitter use the tag #ProperChange to mark your tweets.

Starting your own Local LIFE

The first step to having the chance to vote for a LIFE candidate where you live is to start or join a Local LIFE group.

Here are the recommended steps to getting your Local LIFE group meetings going:

  1. Pick a local cafe to meet at
  2. Set a monthly schedule for meetings (Thursdays after work for 1 hour is good)
  3. Request an account on this web site (this will allow you to create posts.)
  4. LIFE will provide you with a suggested agenda each month for discussion (Contact
  5. Meet, even when there’s just 2 of you
  6. Get the word out and invite any interested people to come along, they don’t have to be LIFE “members” to attend

Spread the Word

Print the LIFE pocket brochure out yourself and hand them out.

Write an message of support and tell others why you like LIFE – complete our endorsement form and email it to us.


Contact us and get yourself an iron patch to enhance your own clothing with the LIFE-LOVE-VOTE emblem.
We also have fair-trade organic cotton T-Shirts, LIFE Jackets and badges.

Want to join the core LIFE team?

LIFE has various opportunities for people who want to be part of driving the change forward. Contact us.

Winning Elections

The LIFE Party candidates will be selected by the Local LIFE group members in each constituency, and required to sign a pledge committing to support the two key laws in the first parliament: the Wellfair Reform Act and the Democracy & Freedom Bill.

If you want to be your MP: start or join your Local LIFE group now!



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