Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LIFE?
LIFE is a citizen’s movement. That means that you are LIFE when you support our policies.We are not a traditional political party that has membership and conferences to decide policy. LIFE has a policy framework for structural change, based on the collection of common sense, best practices. However, many of the details of how those changes will be implemented is going to be decided by citizens in their community.

The Central Office of the LIFE party is only there to articulate our vision for structural change and to help facilitate Local LIFE groups. Your Local LIFE group, in your community, is the heart of the movement. You will select your own candidates from your local community, and run your own local campaigns. LIFE Central Office will not appoint a candidate for your constituency, we will only provide vetting services to make sure that you have full information about your candidate and their background.

So if you ask “Who is LIFE?”, the answer to that is “You are LIFE!”. As we like to say in answer to this question: “Whose life? Your life.”

 What does the LIFE party stand for?
LIFE stands for creating a modern, responsible, sustainable society that allows citizens in the UK to enjoy a free and joyous life.
See our solutions – that’s what we call Proper Change.See the list of LIFE beliefs.
What are LIFE’s policies?
Community & Service.
LIFE will push democratic power down to our local communities, and change welfare into “WellFair” by replacing cash benefits with high quality, universal services.
These changes will stimulate the sustainable growth of our economy by enabling everyone to contribute in whatever way they wish to, for as much as they want.
A full review of LIFE’s Policies is available on this web site, click here.
To understand the principles on which LIFE policies are based, see this page.
 I can’t find LIFE’s policies on an issue I care deeply about.
Have you tried Seaching the site using the Search at to the top right?  There are a millions issues that we have not addressed in detail, and we welcome your input on any matter you think we should have a policy on. Send you suggestions to our National Organising Committee at noc@uklife.org.
Who are main funders behind the LIFE Party?
LIFE is entirely member financed. We have no corporate donors or sponsors.
Nearly half of all the money in UK politics in the 10 years up to the last General Election in 2010 came from 23 individuals, 12 corporations and 12 unions. We think it’s time to change that, and we think it’s important that a truly representative party, like a truly representative government, should be funded by a broad array of citizens.
Will LIFE keep the UK in Europe?
LIFE cannot change geography: the UK is part of Europe, and will be part of Europe. The world is getting smaller not bigger.
The EU is a fundamentally undemocratic system, designed to stop war and fascism in Europe. If we can all agree not to fight and not to repeat history, it is time to create a more perfect union.
LIFE will lead the change in Europe by setting a democratic example at home, and partnering with like-minded democrats across the continent to bring proper change to Europe.
What does the LIFE logo mean and where did the design come from?
Read this description.


One LIFE. One love. One vote.

It’s your choice. Use your vote in 2015 to bring proper change to your life!


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