LIFE logo design


First, the logo is a circle because life is a circle and we need to remember that when we seek to build new structures or replace old ones. What we seek is not an end or a beginning but a continuous path that expects the cycle to carry on.

The center is white to symbolise spirit, principles and clearintention. LIFE is built on principles, not objectives. Keeping principles and best intentions at the center of our thinking and actions will keep us on course, and allow us to address new and different situations adroitly.

The next circle is red to signify heart, empathy and connection. The most important aspect of LIFE, beyond it’s principles, is respecting the connections between us, our interdependence and the satisfactions of joy and love as more important than wealth.

The blue outer circle signifies practicality, application in the real world and effective action. If life was only about intention and connection there would be no need for policies and organising plans; but life for us, and many other species on this planet, is very much about how humans organise ourselves. The blue circle signifies effective action to achieve our intentions.

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