Democracy and Freedom Bill

LIFE will introduce the Democracy and Freedom Bill in the first parliamentary session after the general election. All MPs nominated at LIFE candidates have signed a pledge to support this Bill in Westminster.

The final content of the Democracy and Freedom Bill will be subject to the outcome of a special commission, and it will include the following major provisions.

  1. The establishment of Community, Regional and State democracies bound together by a single, standard set of rights and responsibilities. Sovereignty will be invested in Communities first, with a structure that allows for the promotion and retrieval of sovereignty in defined matters between the Communities, Regions and the national State. The current location of sovereignty will be inherited by the initial establishment, unless specifically changed in this Bill. A Sovereignty Court will be established to adjudicate any disputes regarding the location of sovereignty. The Supreme Court will adjudicate matters relating to the observance of rights and responsibilities.
  2. The establishment of the citizen’s right to privacy and security, include the Four Rights-to.
  3. The rules governing the election of representatives to the new Assemblies, incorporating Proper Elections (PE) for multi-member constituencies.
  4. Responsibilities of Assemblies and their Members.
  5. The disestablishment of the House of Lords, such that Bills before the national assembly shall not be subject to approval by the House of Lords, and the disestablishment of the Church of England.

This Bill compliments the Wellfair Reform Act, and together they are the basic pledge commitment of all LIFE candidates.


Boilierplate text, that can form the starting point for the development of the Bill, can be found here. This has been submitted as evidence to the UK Parliament Constitutional reform committee‘s enquiry into a New Magna Carta.

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