New Europe

uklife_7_layersThe UK is geographically, historically and culturally part of Europe – this is just fact. As such, Europe is the UK’s natural Transterritory in the world, and nothing policy-related will change that.

The UK needs to belong to a larger association of countries in our increasingly global world. That association must be with others who share our commitment to open democracy, the welfare of our citizens and the rapid achievement of sustainable balance with our natural environment.

Strengthening Democracy in the EU(s)

The problem with the EU today is that it is undemocratic, and so it is autocratic and corrupt. A European federation that deserves our participation will have an elected Assembly at its head; and will only deal with policies that the States, Regions and Communities have promoted to it. Proper democracy at the European level is LIFE’s condition for deeper involvement in Europe, and that means starting new European Unions.

A Europe based around LIFE’s policies for self-association may well be 2 or 3 unions – it should be up to the citizens of Europe to determine their voluntary association.

Managing any impact of immigration

To protect our WellFair system LIFE will give each Community in the UK the right to determine its own residency; so setting immigration will become a joint Community responsibility. Communities will be able to confine access to their Wellfair services to their residents. EU law only requires that States extend the same social benefits to all EU citizens who are resident, and as LIFE will convert welfare into Wellfair there will be no cash benefits distributed to anyone.

Carbon Tax

LIFE will lobby for the EU emissions trading system to be replaced by a straight Carbon Tax (if we stay in the EU).


LIFE will work urgently to repair the CAP and CFP to stop further waste of resources and preserve our environment (if we stay in the EU).


LIFE does not believe that the EU needs an additional free trade agreement with the USA. Even if there are benefits to one, the negotiations need to be conducted in the open and in the interests of the citizens of both continents.
Before any new international agreements are implemented LIFE will need the democratic structure of the EU to be revised and updated as per our standards for democratic operation, including proper elections for a new Transterritorial European Assembly.

Time to start again

The UK has the chance to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. There are plenty of others in Europe who are worried about the current state of affairs, working together we can make an new EU that is worthy of this century. We will not be alone demanding proper change in Europe.


4 replies on “New Europe”

Unfortunately the prospects for Europe are not good. Ukraine may well have been the last step on a flawed path to expansion, and the pressures in the Euro Zone are unlikely to be containable. The likelihood of disintegration followed by a banking system crisis are high: watch this geopolitical review by Stratfor:
If the EU starts to falter, it makes both UKIP and the SNP less relevant – both are dependent on Europe, in opposite ways, for their agendas.


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