LIFE will support the same principles of development in other countries as we implement for ourselves.


The development of sovereign control, accountability and sustainable economies must be every state’s primary objectives. More important than the money we devote to aid is the support we give to the development of independent capacity and fair trade.

LIFE will leverage the UK’s international capabilities to promote tax transparency to ensure that producing countries receive fair prices for their exports, and that their sovereignty over resources vital to their long term independent sustainability is protected.

Support for the international regulation of the market for substances, the abolition of genetic patenting and the liberalisation of “health essential” patents will contribute to the self-sustainability of many developing countries.


Survival and effective government everywhere depend on people moving to modern, secular, democratic governing structures.
By setting the example at home, the UK can provide real leadership in the promotion of successful and peaceful government abroad.

In foreign relations LIFE will support only those governments and movements that promote the following:

  • Self-association to allow all people to define their own Community, Regional and State boundaries.
  • Proper democratic electoral system (PE).
  • Secular government.
  • Personal freedoms & privacy.
  • Provision of universal welfare services, as can be afforded from a reasoable tax on incomes.
  • Implementation of GHG taxes.

Security & Defence

The UK has a long, and largely effective, history of active international relations, and LIFE will continue that tradition. We will remain in the international organisations to which the UK currently belongs, and we do not plan to make any abrupt changes to our foreign policies.
We will work to reform NATO, to evolve greater European responsibility and control. The UK and our European NATO partners need a plan to exceed 50% of NATO funding in the medium term.
We are committed to doing what we can in every country where we have been a part of aggressive military action to bring peace and security to the people there.
We support a multi-state solution to the Israel/Palestine situation, based on the self-determination of the people on the ground.
We believe there are better alternatives to further investment in the Trident missile system. We can gain more defensive capability and be a better ally for the same money. The reality is that we are part of a alliance, we do not stand alone and we have long lost the capacity to act alone, and our best efforts should be to build on our strengths to compliment the strengths of our allies.

Trade & Tariffs

LIFE will gradually introduce tariffs on all products that originate in countries that do not provide protections for their people or the environment. The tariffs will be assessed based on the shortfall in those countries commitment to social and environmental standards that we hold ourselves to. Social tariff revenues will be held in escrow for the use of the countries in their social support programs. Environmental tariffs will be used to mitigate the effects of climate change and to assist in the migration off fossil fuels anywhere in the world.

Organised International Crime

LIFE believes that developments in technology and the increased globalisation of finance and trade, make the operation of international criminal organisations a greater threat to peaceful people everywhere.
Our policies for global regulation of the substance trade will take billions of dollars out of criminal gang revenues. We must take that opportunity to disrupt their activities in human trafficking, slavery and counterfeit products (especially foods). The proper legalisation of drugs will create a window where their resources will be depleted and their organisations weakened, we must apply the necessary resources to capitalise on that opportunity.

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  1. Today the UK has 9,000 troops in Afghanistan, and a whole 12 people in the “Security & Justice” team!LIFE will seek to reverse those numbers.


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