UKLIFE_Union_Jack_splash_3cLIFE has concrete proposals for autonomy and self-governance for Scotland, including tax-raising powers. These policies are part of our constitutional reformation that will give every region of in Great Britain the same powers. Whatever the result of the referendum on “independence” in 2014, the General Election in 2015 gives us all the opportunity to reform the balance of power generally in the UK.

UK-Region-CommunityModern times and sophisticated democracy, that honours both the unique qualities of different areas and the importance of working together as a larger society, is vital to our collective futures. It is past time for us to unshackle ourselves from 19th Century constructs for decision making, and to embrace a more nuanced and distributed model that locates decision making at the most effective point in the curve between local, national and global.

LIFE proposes that all communities in the UK will elect new Community Assemblies by 2017, and to select their choice of Region in 2018. It seems likely that Scotland, as defined by its current borders, will remain in tact as a Region in 2018; and by 2019 will have its own Regional Assembly, replete with tax-raising powers and responsibilities inherited from today’s Holyrood and promoted to it by its constituent Communities after 2018.

The world is getting smaller, not bigger, and we share so much common heritage across the border that it makes virtually no sense at all that Scotland should be a separate nation from England – we are all regions of a single nation: Great Britain.

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The current SNP proposals for fiscal measures post-independence are reckless. Attempting to make Scotland the ‘Ireland’ of a Sterling-zone by having lower corporate tax rates, removing fees from air travel to make air travel cheaper, and reducing taxes in spite of wanting to increase welfare spending, are all rather populist and ill thought-through notions, and certainly not about creating a sustainable long term fiscal balance.”Salmond wants to set corporation tax rates at 3% below the UK rate to encourage businesses to set up headquarters in Scotland. The SNP also pledges to abolish air passenger duty, reform the tax and welfare systems and increase tax allowances in line with inflation.” –


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