It is LIFE policy to establish a proper 21st century democratic system for government in the UK.

The simplest way to do this is to sever the direct relationship between the the UK elected government and the House of Lords and the Church of England.

In the Democracy & Freedom Bill 2015 we will disestablish both the House of Lords and the Church of England.

The disestablishment of both institutions will free them to pursue their own reform, without distracting from the vital reforms of our democracy and government that are so essential to fixing our problems. There is value is some form of ‘council of elders’ who can advise and comment on the matters of the day, and it will be up to the House of Lords to reform itself such that it can fulfil this role.

LIFE is committed to 21st century government and the best practices of modern democracy. These commitments demand that government is secular because we are a multi-religion and multi-cultural society. The disestablishment of the Church of England frees our democracy and the Church, and establishes Britain’s credibility as a world leader for modern reform at home and abroad.

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