Towards Full Employment

LIFE’s economic and social policies will revolutionise the relationship between labour and employers to everyone’s advantage. Labour is freed from the coercion of means-tested benefits, and employers freed from unnecessary restrictions on labour flexibility.

The result is that every contribution, every job however small, becomes worth doing for somebody. This is full employment. And only a system of universal services enables this.

Wage Rates
Because WellFair effectively provides a “living wage” guarantee for all, the minimum wage can be dispensed with after the WellFair services are in place.

Employment Contracts
Once WellFair is in place there is no need for any implied employment contract between employer and employee.
Unless the employer and employee choose to enter into a specific contract of employment, all employment will be considered “at will” by default.

Zero Hour Contracts
We cannot have labour market flexibility without matching flexible social safety (“flexicurity“).
Zero hour contracts may be useful to create a dynamic economy but they can only work for people if people have the basic security of life to be able to work that flexibly. We need comprehensive social safety if we are going to have comprehensive labour market flexibility.

Collective Bargaining
LIFE will enshrine the right to freely-associated collective bargaining in the Democracy & Freedom Bill 2015.

Work Conditions
All existing regulations regarding safety in the workplace will remain in place.
Because no one will be obliged to seek employment to feed themselves or their families, or to retain their social support, employers will be compelled by the market to provide the best working conditions they can to attract employees.

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