LIFE believes that we cannot have a future worth living if we do not respect the freedom of the individual, and understand that incredibly important value of diversity, specialists of all kinds and all the contributions of every citizen. A key to moving to a sustainable society is to recognize the bargain that a citizen makes with society: in return for freedom and safety in my private space, I agree to recognize and obey the rules in our public spaces. Honouring this bargain for freedom is key to making life more joyful, and therefore less consumeristic.

Proper Change

LIFE will introduce a universal legal framework for the whole of the UK, covering all of Communities and Regions, that guarantees personal freedom in private space.

Policy Statement

LIFE will form a Constitutional Formation Panel consisting of senior judges and lawmakers, and tasked with the completion of a proposal for legislation to form the basis of a Democracy & Freedom Bill Some of the natural outcomes of recognizing the individual citizen’s right to freedom in their private space include :

The Democracy & Freedom Bill will assert each citizen’s rights, including:

3 replies on “Freedom”

Re Snowden: quote from Counsel for the Plaintiff in the Entick v. Carrington trial of 1765 before Lord Camden:
“This would be worse than the Spanish inquisition; for ransacking a man’s secret drawers and boxes, to come at evidence against him, is like racking his body to come at his secret thoughts. The warrant is to seize all the plaintiff’s books and papers without exception, and carry them before lord Halifax. What? Has a secretary of state a right to see all a man’s private letters of correspondence, family concerns, trade and business? This would be monstrous indeed! And if it were lawful, no man could endure to live in this country.”


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