Substance Regulation

LIFE will reform and extend the regulation of tobacco and alcohol to include all substances.

Age limits, packaging and dosages will be regulated.

Distribution and sale will be licensed.

Premises and events will be licensed.

Sourcing and content will be licensed and controlled for quality.

LIFE will work with the UN and other like-minded nations to introduce a regulated international supply chain for all substances.

Increased spending on regulation, education and treatment will be offset by £1Bn in VAT revenues and reduced policing costs. 

3 replies on “Substance Regulation”

Legalization would allow farmers to sell to the government for medicinal and industrial purposes rather than to drug traffickers. That could boost exports and help reduce a trade deficit that widened to a record 197 billion dirhams last year, about 23 percent of gross domestic product. It could also help pacify inhabitants of a historically-restive region after Arab Spring uprisings toppled regimes in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.


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