Legal Services

The legal services included in WellFair are:

  • democracy (Assembly costs, representative salaries, administration, elections)
  • judiciary (Courts, judges, citizens’ advice, prosecution and public defence)
  • policing
  • incarceration

Proper Democracy

It will cost a little more to run a properly democratic societey, primarily due to the change from volunteer local Councillors to paid Assembly members, but it will also be very much more effective and responsive.
We have included £3Bn in the budget to fund local democracy.

Citizen Access to Justice

LIFE expects every Community to be able to fund Citizen’s Advice services and access to quality legal defence services from their WellFair Support Grant.
We will reverse any privatisation of the legal aid system introduced by the ConDem coalition, and ensure every citizen has full access to due process.

Increasing Freedom, Lowering Costs

Improvements in the rights and freedoms of citizens will free up substantial resources in the judiciary, police and prisons – that should be more than enough to cover the increased costs of the democratic system.

See here for more on our prison reform program.

One reply on “Legal Services”

A Citizen’s Advice Bureau in every Community and a legal system that aspires to the highest standards should be somethings we can be assured of. But as this government seeks to debase our fundamental access to civil justice, it seems necessary to assert that LIFE will protect and improve the legal services, including Legal Aid, available to all citizens. The Rule of Law rests on the rights of equal access and equal protection, and these are fundamentals dear to the heart of the LIFE movement.


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