Feed clothe shelter everybody“I promise you that you will have access to food, sufficient for you to be healthy and strong enough to make the most of your opportunities in life.”

It all comes down to basics. Better-fed, healthy people contribute more to a country’s well-being.

Good Food for Everyone

This WellFair service will be the newest addition to the social support system, and as such there is the greatest opportunity for innovation and creative solutions. For some urban Communities the right solution for healthy food delivery will be from the local Community Centre, enabled by free local transport for all. In more distributed rural Communities, alternatives may provide the right mix, such as deliveries of local produce for in-home preparation, or a network of home-kitchens.

This service will allow Communities to leverage local, sustainable food production.

Delivery must be tuned by each Community to its needs

While it is possible that some Communities may find the use of “food stamps” or other credit systems to be a means of delivering this WellFair service, it will be more efficient in the vast majority of communities to prepare food in a community kitchen which can cook for multiple need groups, such as local schools, the housebound elderly, the sick and the destitute. It can do this with local food and, at the same time, provide training and employment.

This is not a job we leave to others, this is our responsibility to each other as fellow citizens.

Local production is key, and incentives for local landowners to allocate portions of their arable land to grow food for their Community will be part of the mix of solutions.

Personal Expenses

To support people on low wages with personal and household expenses, those earning less than the national median will be able to use their UK Citizen Card to buy these essentials.

New to Britain, but not new to the world

This article about the food program in Brazil is a great example – the last 30 seconds in particular: Citizen Kitchens.

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England already has a program to provide a free portion of fruit or vegetables to children ages 4 through 6.LIFE will go further for the same reason: we all need be functioning at our best, to make the best decisions in our modern and complicated world.


A major new report from the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development, subtitled Wake up before it is too late, is calling for “a rapid and significant shift” away from chemical- and energy-intensive industrial farming to “mosaics of sustainable regenerative production systems that also considerably improve the productivity of small-scale farmers and foster rural development”.Trade and Environment Review 2013: Wake up before it it too late – Make agriculture truly sustainable now for food security in a changing climate


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