UK Citizen Card

Every citizen will be issued with a UK Citizen Card (UCC), a card that can used to easily access their WellFair services.

Universal Service Access

Every citizen will be able to use their UCC to access these services where ever they are available:

  • Local transport
  • Food services
  • Health & Care
  • Education
  • Legal Services
  • Libraries
  • Free public wifi

Personal Expenses Support for low earners

Citizens earning less than the national median earnings will be able to use their UCC to pay for

  • personal items
  • household items
  • clothing

Their UCC will be topped up to £72 every 2 weeks to be used on these personal expenses.

Vendor & Product UCC Accreditation

During the period up to WellFair service going live in 2017 (and continuing thereafter) vendors and manufacturers will be able to submit their products for approval and inclusion in the UCC Approved Products list, allowing UCC to be used for their purchase.

We will work with the existing payment services (debit and credit) to make use of UCC for payments seamless.

Personal Payment Services

Once the xID system is up and running the UCC can leverage xID authentication at the point of use; this will allow sufficient security for citizens to be able to link their UCC with their bank accounts, and make the UCC a standard form of payment in many places.

Non-Citizen Residents

Residents who are not also Citizens will be issued with UK Community Cards that will enable them to access the local Community’s WellFair services where they legally reside.

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