WellFair Charter

It is the responsibility of every Community to ensure that every citizen and resident can access sufficient services to support a healthy life, to participate fully as a citizen, and make their full contribution. The Community must provide these basic services to all who choose to use them, however no person is required to use any of the services.

It is the responsibility of every citizen and resident to recognise and respect the communal nature of WellFair services, the limits of affordability and the contributions of all to their design and provision.

  • Citizens and residents have a right to receive high quality services, to participate in their design and to choose between alternative means of fulfilling the services to the extent those are affordable from the Community’s WellFair Support Grant.
  • All WellFair services are to be provided without charge and without test, except for legal residency.
  • All WellFair services are to be provided secularly and without discrimination.
  • Shelter and Sustenance service must be provided to all in need, and command priority above all other services. When there is demand for a service beyond the capacity of the Community to provide it to all, services should be provided to those least able to provide for themselves first.

The WellFair services are to meet at least the following standards in each category.


Every citizen and resident will be provided housing and shelter sufficient to be protected from the elements, maintain their health, enjoy their rest, and cohabitate with others of their choosing.


No citizen or resident should go hungry.


Every citizen should have access to education and training to allow them to make the most of their skills and abilities, to enhance their value to contribute, and their ability to participate.
At a minimum, primary and secondary education as well as vocational training should be accessible.

Health & Care

Every resident and citizen should have access to preventative and remedial health services, including general medicine and dentistry, in their Community. Emergency health services should be available to all at all times.
The rights granted in the NHS constitution apply to all residents and citizens.
Those in need of additional care, such as the disabled and elderly, should be provided such care as can be reasonably afforded.
Safe care should be provided during normal working hours for all minors.


Every resident and citizen should have access to public transport services that allow them to travel around their community and access the other WellFair services.


Every citizen should have access to basic telephone and Internet services, sufficient to allow them to participate as a citizen, contribute to society and supervise the activity of their government.
Every provider of phone and internet services will required a free service level that cannot be cancelled. See Information.

Legal Services

Every resident and citizen must have the protection of the police, access to the legal system and access to advice that allows them to exercise their rights


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