WellFair Reform Act

LIFE will introduce the WellFair Reform Act in the first parliamentary session after the general election. All MPs nominated as LIFE candidates have signed a pledge to support this Act in Westminster.

The final content of the WellFair Reform Act will be subject to the outcome of a special commission, and it will include the following major provisions.

  1. The establishment of base standards for the seven services included in WellFair: Shelter, Sustenance, Healthcare, Education, Transport, Information and Legal Services.
  2. The assignment of primary responsibility for the delivery of the WellFair services to Community Assemblies; and the barring of distributions of cash in lieu of services or from WellFair funds.
  3. The sequester of Income Taxes for the sole purpose of providing the WellFair services and the replacement of all cash welfare benefits with these services. Income Taxes collected nationally to be evenly distributed to the citizens and residents of the UK as direct transfers to their Communities. Only such costs as necessary to cover WellFair responsibilities inherited by the national UK and regional governments are permitted to be deducted from these revenues prior to their distribution to the Communities.

This Bill compliments the Democracy and Freedom Bill, and together they are the basic pledge commitment of all LIFE candidates.

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