We are social animals, we are a “group species” that will only succeed when we work together. LIFE believes that it must be a top priority to develop the strengths of our groups, at every level from Community to State.

The focus of LIFE social policy is on:

  1. strengthening our cohesion through universal social support services.
  2. improving the quality of our decision making through modern democracy.
  3. supporting innovation and joy through the strengthening of our freedoms.

Strengthening our cohesion

Guaranteeing each other the basic necessities for life, without qualification, is the foundation stone of social cohesion.Feed clothe shelter everybody

WellFair is the “citizen contract” to deliver the basics of life to all, and to do the most we can to strengthen each other’s ability to contribute through our individual efforts. LIFE will dedicate Income Taxes to paying for WellFair.

Disestablishment will make British government secular, and clarify British identity in the foundations of our law, our respect for each other, and our firm resolve to advance the establishment of peace as the precursor of prosperity. In so doing we will establish a British identity that all can ascribe to.

Improving the quality of our decision making

Replacing our out-dated, centralised, 19th C democratic structure, with a modern, properly representative, distributed, democracy, is the key to improving the quality and effectiveness of our decision making.

LIFE will improve our democracy by:

  1. pushing power and money down to local governments.
  2. improving the quality of our politics, by making the job attractive to our best and brightest.
  3. ensuring that a wider range of opinions are represented, without jeopardising effective decision making.
  4. increasing transparency and accountability by setting new standards for all politicians.

Supporting innovation and joy

Making these changes is not going to be worth the effort, if life isn’t more fun and more productive afterwards.

LIFE recognises the natural agreement we all make: to work together within a common framework of laws, in return for unequivocal respect for our personal freedom. LIFE policies promote the security of our common space, as well as the sanctity of our personal space.

Freedom is the precursor to innovation and experimentation, that is why the UK has been a leader in innovation for centuries. The protections we afford to each other for our individual freedom are the basis of our economic success, as well as our personal enjoyment.

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