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We have three crises today: an economic crisis, a social crisis and a climate crisis.

In the UK the economic crisis is that we are borrowing £2 an hour, for every hour worked by every man and woman in employment. That’s new borrowing every hour worked by every person in the country – and that is with “austerity”.

The social crisis is that, despite not being able to afford the services we already have, those services are not good enough and not meeting the needs. We are not building the cohesive, educated and participatory citizenry necessary to sustain our complex, modern society.

The climate crisis is that our unaffordable and ineffective society is also borrowing from the natural world around us, when we are ready overdrawn on that account. This debt cannot be “written down” or “forgiven”, it must be paid. We have the technology to solve the climate crisis, and the resources to solve the social crisis, what is missing is an economic model that allows that to become a reality.

The current economic model is preventing us from solving the social and climate crises. The LIFE economic model is the key to unlocking our potential and to solving these crises. BY REPLACING CASH DISTRIBUTIONS WITH WELLFAIR SERVICES WE CAN ENSURE THAT WE DO BUILD A COHESIVE, EDUCATED AND PARTICIPATORY CITIZENRY. Wellfair reduces the cost of delivering social services, and automatically promotes sustainable resource use.

We have three crises and one solution – the choice is ours. The switch to wellfair will require everyone to participate more, and it will not be without its winners and losers. The alternative is a downward spiral of debt, social disintegration and further climate instability.

The choice is yours to make, and now is the only time that you can make it.

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