Queen’s Speech – Alt LIFE, 2013

My lords and members of the House of Commons.

My government’s legislative programme will focus on building a stronger nation so that the people of the United Kingdom can be assured of a full and rewarding life now and into the future.

 It will work to promote a fairer society that rewards everyone for their contribution to our common success.

 My government’s first priority is to strengthen Britain’s social fabric. To this end, it will support the strengths of our communities and encourage our self-reliance by replacing Councils with elected Assemblies with legislative responsibility for community affairs.

 My ministers will prioritise measures that reduce the deficit – ensuring interest rates are kept low for homeowners and businesses.

 My government is committed to building an economy where people who work hard are properly rewarded. It will therefore replace the benefits system with Wellfair services, moving everyone from welfare to the opportunity to work.

 Measures will be brought forward to support jobs and help small businesses by reducing the barriers to employment.

 A bill will be introduced to remove the requirements on businesses to provide pensions. A further bill will make it easier for businesses to protect their intellectual property.

 A draft bill will be published establishing a simple set of individual rights to remove the pernicious intrusion of the state on the private affairs of my citizens.

 My government will introduce a bill that reforms the Income Tax system and merges it with National Insurance.

 My government will continue to invest in infrastructure that frees us from reliance on fossil fuels and delivers jobs and growth for the economy.

 My government will introduce legislation to update housing, transport and energy infrastructure and to improve the water industry.

 My government is committed to a fairer society where aspiration and responsibility are rewarded.

To make sure that every citizen, old or young, has the opportunity for joy in life, regardless of background, further measures will be taken to improve the quality of all basic services for all the people.

My government will also take forward plans for new national food quality standards, a world-class regulation system and local community responsibility for ensuring that all my people have access to healthy sustenance.

 My government will also take steps to ensure that it becomes typical for those leaving school to start a traineeship or an apprenticeship, or to go to university.

 New arrangements will be put in place to help more people live in a decent home, with government support provided for adding 100,000 social housing units a year.

 My government is committed to supporting people in their retirement.

 Legislation will be introduced to reform the way long-term care is paid for, to ensure the elderly have access to support services irrespective of their income.

 My government will bring forward legislation to create a simpler state pension system that encourages saving and provides more help to those whose savings have been lost in the financial markets.

 My government will bring forward a bill that further reforms Britain’s immigration system by giving local communities the right to determine residency. The bill will ensure that this country attracts people who will by welcomed in their new homes.

 My government will continue to reduce crime and protect national security.

 Legislation will be introduced to reform the way in which offenders are rehabilitated.

 Legislation will be brought forward to introduce new powers to further reform the police.

My government will bring forward proposals to enable the protection of everyone’s right to privacy and to bring the benefits of technology to all.

 Measures will be brought forward to improve the way this country procures defence equipment, as well as strengthening the reserve forces.

 My ministers will continue to work in co-operation with the devolved administrations.

 A bill will be introduced to give effect to a number of institutional improvements in every region.

 Legislation will be published concerning the electoral arrangements for all future elections in the United Kingdom in order to provide a more accountable and effective democracy for all my people.. This legislation will provide the opportunity for all the regions of this land to remain part of the United Kingdom.

 Members of the House of Commons, estimates for the public services will be laid before you.

 My lords and members of the House of Commons.

 My government will work to prevent conflict and reduce terrorism. It will support countries in transition in the Middle East and north Africa, and the opening of a peace process in Afghanistan.

 My government will work to prevent sexual violence in conflict worldwide.

 My government will ensure the security, good governance and development of the overseas territories, including the removal of all tax haven protections for my territories.

 In assuming the presidency of the G8, my government will promote social and environmental sustainability, tackle tax evasion, encourage greater transparency and accountability while continuing to make progress in tackling climate change.

 Other measures will be laid before you.

 My lords and members of the House of Commons, I pray that blessing of almighty God may rest upon your counsels.

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