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WellFair Value Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey about the value of WellFair services to you. Your input will be vital to establishing a new direction for economics, politics and society. This survey will only take […]

And, not Or

Those advocating personal salvation as an alternative to civic engagement have fundamentally misunderstood the nature of their species. Humans are a group species made up of complex, choosing individuals. Seen from an aeroplane we look […]

LIFE Support

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Internet Search Acknowledgement

Proposed Opt In for Porn & Violence Searches:   PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING   Your brain has a reward system that does not know the difference between behaviour that is helpful and actions which are […]

Queen’s Speech – Alt LIFE, 2013

My lords and members of the House of Commons. My government’s legislative programme will focus on building a stronger nation so that the people of the United Kingdom can be assured of a full and […]

A Guide to Practical Implementation

The primary objective during the first term of a LIFE government will be the rollout of universal “WellFair” services within the first three years. The reason to focus on the effective delivery of WellFair services is because […]