WellFair Value Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey about the value of WellFair services to you. Your input will be vital to establishing a new direction for economics, politics and society. This survey will only take you about 2 minutes, and can be completed anonymously. Please ask your friends to fill one out too.

And, not Or

Those advocating personal salvation as an alternative to civic engagement have fundamentally misunderstood the nature of their species.Humans are a group species made up of complex, choosing individuals. Seen from an aeroplane we look and behave very much like ants. Seen through our own eyes we look and behave like individual spirits. Both perspectives are... Continue Reading →

Internet Search Acknowledgement

Proposed Opt In for Porn & Violence Searches: PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING Your brain has a reward system that does not know the difference between behaviour that is helpful and actions which are destructive to your well being and the general well being of the people whom you live with and around.When you see and read about... Continue Reading →

Queen’s Speech – Alt LIFE, 2013

My lords and members of the House of Commons.My government's legislative programme will focus on building a stronger nation so that the people of the United Kingdom can be assured of a full and rewarding life now and into the future. It will work to promote a fairer society that rewards everyone for their contribution to... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Practical Implementation

The primary objective during the first term of a LIFE government will be the rollout of universal "WellFair" services within the first three years. The reason to focus on the effective delivery of WellFair services is because they are necessary to develop our economy. WellFair has to be delivered locally so a new Constitution is required and the... Continue Reading →

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