Who can access wellfair services?

LIFE will make registered membership of a Community a requirement for access to our wellfair universal services.After the 2 year setup process, only UK citizens and legal residents will have access to wellfair services (housing, food, transport, education and healthcare). To qualify each person will have be a registered resident or citizen of a Community... Continue Reading →

MachineBrain got us into this…

As we head into the New Year it's a good time to reassess the basic thinking we are using to understand our world. This excellent article in the RSA Journal proposes that we have been using a MachineBrain metaphor to understand how our economies work, when in fact it would be much more accurate to... Continue Reading →


The BBC is an institution of British democracy, it is not a "corporation" operating in a competitive marketplace. We must learn to manage it like the institution it is, and stop pretending that it is a commercial enterprise.As an institution the BBC's fate lies at the feet of the people that it serves, not at... Continue Reading →


Our laws exist for the benefit of people, all of us.The word "marriage" has been used for centuries to convey the binding of two people together to create a single household unit, and our laws convey certain rights to any two people who enter into such a commitment.LIFE stands by the rights of any two,... Continue Reading →

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