LIFE appeals to a wide range of voters. We are neither “left” nor “right”, we are guided by common sense solutions to our common problems.

Below you will find a selection of supporting statements from people in all walks of life, from all over the UK.
Also included are comments made by infuencial people from around the world, in support of the types of policies advocated by LIFE.

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Just one example from the IPPR 10 Principles for Better Government report that reads like a blueprint in support of LIFE policies:“Services become more effective and relevant when service-users and their communities are helping to design and deliver the outcomes” 

~ David Robinson, IPPR 10 Principles for Better Government, ippr.org, August 2013

“Like LIFE, I believe that we need fresh thinking and a new comittment to building a different kind of society – one that values sustainable solutions above short term crisis management, one that looks ahead.”~ David Robinson, personal note

“We need a change in politics in the UK; we need to find a party that really inspires hope, an engaged sense of what is needed. Change from individuals and local to global, a renewed understanding and re-evaluation of politics. I like a party willing to look at what freedom is, both personally and collectively. I have a sense LIFE is bringing something different, intelligent and timely. How radical.”

~ Dominique S., Bristol

I believe every community has the right to set its own laws and should have the responsibility to protect the freedom of all its citizens. It is obvious we need a change of direction and attitudes. LIFE policies address this in a way that shows respect for all, unlike the system we have now.”~ Skorpi, Producer & Music Tech Teacher, Ladbroke Grove, London “The most important thing for Europe to do now is structural reforms. Monetary and fiscal measures have reached their limit. What is missing in Europe is policy action from governments to enact long-term, structural reforms.” 

~ Alex Weber, UBS AG Chairman, Jackson Hole Wyoming, 12 July 2013

“We need new political parties, such as LIFE, to trigger a national debate, a new discourse and fresh vision.” 

~ Christopher Titmuss, Senior Dharma Teacher, insightmeditation.org, Devon

“Prison should only be used for most serious violent, threatening or sexual crimes.” 

~ Andrew Ashworth, the Vinerian Professor of English Law at the University of Oxford, a Fellow of All Souls College, and was formerly Chairman of the Sentencing Advisory Panel, August 2013


“Of course it’s a medical problem, I mean addiction is a medical problem, and it becomes a public health problem and then our society is choosing to treat that as a criminal justice issue.” 

~ Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer, August 2013

“LIFE understands the environment and associated issues better than any political party in the UK. Green investment is key for all our futures – listen to LIFE’s message.” 

~ Ed B., Investment Fund Manager, specialising in global transition to sustainable and resource efficient economy.

“The tragedy is we need a radical party – that can set limits to the free market and democratise the state; that knows sustainability and equality must go hand in hand; that has answers to the anxiety and insecurity of modern life; and that prefigures the good society by trusting in people, empowering them and practising an everyday politics of love and compassion. The tragedy is not just that so much more is needed, but that so much more is possible.” 

~ Neal Lawson, Chair of CompassGuardian, September 2013


“the fastest and cheapest way of reducing energy bills is through better insulation of the UK’s ageing and draughty housing stock”

~ Derek Lickorish, chair of the government’s Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, October 2013 

“The deadly cycle of poverty leading to educational underachievement, followed by underemployment, and then poverty of ambition for the next generation has now infected huge areas of society and the policies of this coalition government are making it much harder to break out of this cycle. Support for families is vital. The government must put its money where its rhetoric is, stem the closure of children’s centres, and ensure the services families need – health, employment, parenting-classes, education – are available close to where families live.”

~ Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL)

“The best engine of social mobility is a high-value economy that creates many quality jobs across diverse sectors, spreading prosperity and opportunity more evenly.”

~ Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer, October 20 2013

“What we need is change now. If there was a genuine alternative, I would vote for that… It’s time to wake up!”

~ Russell Brand, BBC Newsnight, October 2013

“Neighbour helping neighbour isn’t even an intention, it’s such a deeply embedded norm in a village of native people.”

~ Daniel Goleman, RSA, October 2013

 “A green social democratic state will have to forge an active equality policy, so that environmental costs do not fall most heavily on the poor. And it will have to find new ways of creating public consensus, so that the implicit contract between present and future generations is understood and can be sustained.
None of this will be easy. It will require radical thinking in Opposition, and determination in Government. But that is precisely how social democrats built the welfare state economy in the 20th century. We will have to do it again for the green economy of the 21st.”

~ Michael Jacobs, Fabian,  January 2013

“We need new narratives that go beyond “green growth” economics. At its heart, this is about a ‘heroic nation in a struggle for future prosperity’ rather than a green ‘flavour enhancer’ that has been largely marginalised in the national debate about growth.
We need an economy with purpose that works strategically to make Britain truly ‘great’ and deliver rising prosperity to its citizens… Short-term fixes and decimal changes in GDP growth will not be sufficient to get us there.”


~ Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, 9th September 2013

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