LIFE believes that our future must be built on the best parts of the industrial, technological and information revolutions and we will seek to leverage science, engineering and technology to create a better world that generates less waste and more joy.lifemkt200

Adopting the LIFE policies creates a framework for sustainable wealth creation, innovation and true competition, unparalleled in existing alternatives.

Think about the implications of the following:

  • No minimum wage
  • No employer social costs
  • Simplified, harmonised corporate tax
  • Prioritised Transport and Communications infrastructure
  • Educated, flexible, mobile workforce
  • Unparalleled information access
  • Transparent, uncorrupt political process
  • Level playing field across the world
  • Innovation supporting copyright system

That’s a list of business benefits that should water the eyes of any enterprising spirit!

LIFE’s policies to stabilise social services, balance the budget and regain monetary prudence will greatly facilitate our business environment. Our long-term strategy for energy generation, new housing and technology deployment will further enhance Britain as the place to do business. Add to that our support for the repatriation of manufacturing, the restoration of trades & craft, and the unleashing of the micro-economy, and LIFE will usher in a new era of prosperity the likes of which Britain hasn’t seen in 100 years.

Supporting UK Business

The levy of “WellFair-equivalence” tariffs and carbon taxes on imported goods will even the playing field in manufacturing, supporting our domestic firms against global competition from environment destroying and socially irresponsible competitors.

Innovation, trade & manufacture

The UK has been a leading innovator, trader and manufacturer for 100s of years. LIFE’s wellfair policies will ensure that these advantages are maximised through support for initiatives like Catapult, and that the UK remains a world leader in all three areas.
The renaissance of British industry will rebalance the country, the economy, and our trade with the rest of the world. Mid-sized manufacturing is a ripe area for the repatriation of British industry.

Infrastructure for the future

By balancing the budget and liberating the full potential of labour, LIFE enables the necessary investment the UK needs to transition peacefully from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable energy. We will be able to make the investments and focus any borrowing on the development of a 21st century energy infrastructure with renewable power sources and a smart grid.

Corporate Tax Rates

LIFE will set the rate of Corporation Tax on profits at the same as Income Tax.
All revenues worldwide will be included, with provisions for allowances where we have double-taxation reciprocal agreements with those countries.

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