Stand : One Term Only

Stand for your country. Stand for principles. Stand for long term solutions to long term problems.

LIFE believes in the UK, in the people who live here and in our culture. We want to live in a UK that is cohesive, successful, and a joy to live in.

One Term Only

To bring in long term solutions we need to win elections. But to bring in the changes we need we also need MPs who are prepared to vote themselves out of a job. That is why we are calling for candidates who are prepared to stand for One Term Only.

Every candidate for LIFE commits to vote for the Democracy & Freedom Bill, which will be change the structure of our national assembly, reducing the number of MPs to just 63 for the following national election. This is part of devolving more power down to our Regions and Communities, invigorating our democracy for the new century.

Stand in your constituency because you believe that our country must start planning for the long term, and because your community needs to have an common sense option to vote for.

The 2015 election has been the most open vote in this country for 70 years, but it is still not open enough to bring in proper change. But this has been the last “feel good” election, and we need to be ready to stand and win in the coming elections when the pressing challenges we face will be much more obvious and real to everyone.

Standing is easy. You just decide to do it, contact us, and we will work with you to support your candidacy in your constituency.

Standing up is your part. Winning is up to our fellow citizens.



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