LIFE DemocracyLIFE believes that a resilient society is a sustainable society, and that the future is to de-centralise government and empower communities to build their own capacity and self-reliance.

We must reinvigorate local democracy by allowing every community to elect its own Community Assembly. Those that do will gain control of their services, and receive funds directly from HMRC income taxes.

21st Century Democracy for the UK

We need to make better decisions faster if we are to make progress. And more decisions will be better made in local assemblies than in Westminster.

The current UK government is far too centralised in London, and LIFE will make bringing political power down to our communities one of our highest priorities for the first parliament.

The whole point of a democracy is to improve decision making, and some decisions are best taken locally while others are necessarily taken at Regional and national levels. 21st Century democracies must have a system capable of making decisions at the appropriate level.

Within 2 years we will allow all citizens to select their own Community boundaries, and elect their own Community Assembly. This local government will be directly accountable for delivering the WellFair Services using a direct distribution of national Income Taxes. (The creation of a local Community government will be optional, but only citizens who form a local Community Assembly will gain control of local spending and migration, otherwise they will remain in the existing Council structure.)

Within the first parliament every Community will also associate with a Region of it’s choice. To find out more about how this works follow the links below.

Balancing Your Choice and My Choice

LIFE will introduce Proper Elections (PE) for all elections that allows lots of perspectives to be represented but keeps active decision making. Our proposal for active democracy ensures that our democracy remains action-orientated and accountable, while avoiding the pitfalls of old PR systems.

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